Ocean Freight

Whether it’s a full or part container load you need moving, we can arrange these shipments from all over the world to the UK in a timely and competitive fashion.

Why Choose Ocean Freight

  • The ocean shipping industry offers the most competitive freight costs to shippers, especially over long distances. By comparison, some estimates show that ocean freight shipping costs are generally four to six times less expensive than air.
  • No matter the size of your shipments, sea freight companies can usually accommodate your needs. Smaller shipments can be grouped together with other cargo to fill a container (Groupage), allowing for cost-sharing of the transportation services. Larger cargo can fill one or more containers, offering shippers unmatched bulk options.
  • A major advantage of sea freight shipping is shipping companies’ ability to handle oversized, heavy or bulky cargo – often referred to as breakbulk. Such cargo could include large vehicles, equipment, construction materials and more.